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GGB-Megalife XT

Fiber Reinforced Composite PTFE Thrust Washer
GGB MEGALIFE XT Fiber Reinforced Composite Washer

Product's benefits

  • Material allows for simple assembly
    Simple assembly
  • Quality materials you can rely on
  • Material eliminates/reduces maintenance
    Maintenance Free Operation
  • Material allows for compact design
    Common to One Piece Compact Design
  • Material performs well under lubricated operation
    Lubricated operation
  • Material withstands high loads
    High Load Capacity
  • Material helps extend application's service life
    Extended service life
  • Material operates well in dry environment
    Dry operation


  • Proprietary filled PTFE tape liner on both surfaces
  • Excellent shock resistance
  • High load capacity
  • Excellent misalignment resistance
  • Excellent contamination resistance
  • Good surface speed capability
  • Very good friction and wear properties
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Tested acc. to ASTM E595/ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C - Outgassing properties of materials used in Spacecraft equipment



Bearing forms available in standard dimensions

  • Plain thrust washers

Bearing forms made to order: thrust washers with non-standard dimensions

GGB FRC Range - Fiber Reinforced Composite Bearings - High Load Self-Lubricating Bearings
GGB MEGALIFE XT - Fiber Reinforced Composite PTFE Thrust Washer

Operating performance

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GGB-Megalife XT
Dry Operation Very Good
Lubricated Operation Fair
Greased Operation Poor
Machinable Consult with Applications Engineer
RoHS Compliant Compliant
Standard Sizes Available
Application Excellence
Very Good
Very Good
Not Available



  • Composite Thrust Washer
  • Proprietary filled PTFE tape liner on both sides + continuously woven layer of filament glass fiber encapsulated in a high temperature epoxy resin


Market applications

Technical specifications

  • General

    Maximum load, p
    - Static 140 20,000 N/mm2 psi
    - Dynamic 140 20,000 N/mm2 psi
    Operating Temperature
    - Min -195 -320 °C °F
    - Max 175 350 °C °F
    Maximum sliding speed, U 0.5 100 m/s fpm
    Maximum pU factor 1.23 35,000 N/mm² x m/s psi x fpm
    Coefficient of friction, f 0.02-0.12* 0.02-0.12* μ μ
    Shaft surface roughness, Ra ≤ 0.4 ≤ 16 µm µin
    Shaft surface hardness > 200 > 200 HB HB
    For Superior Performance Value
    Oil Lubricated HPF
    Grease Lubricated DX
    Process Fluid Lubricated HPF

* Depending on operating conditions

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